Interior design trends in Restaurants

As the whole marketing culture rapidly changes and evolves into an environment driven mainly by social media dynamics, so does the design world of businesses active in the HORECA industry, speaking namely about hotels, restaurants and cafeterias.

A room should start a conversation before people actually start exchanging words 
– Berry Dixon

Increased public visibility of HORECA Interiors

Nowadays, these places are exposed to more publicity than ever. They are constantly haunted by various types of professional and free-time content producers. A good example for this evolution is the booming movement of passionate bloggers, youtubers and instagrammers. These are documenting all parts of their day and devoting a big portion of their creative energy to topics related to lifestyle, travel, interior design and food choices.

This wave of increased documentation of private and public environments has had a significant impact on the way how businesses promote themselves through their marketing efforts. Moreover, it also increased the level of attention they devote to their visual presentation and interior design.

Instagrammability of restaurants in focus

Naturally, this motivates the restaurant owners to experiment a little more. For example, by  introducing design features supporting the “instagrammability” of a given restaurant interior. The more eye-catching the better. Interior design trends in restaurants 2018 dictate fairly extravagant elements. Structured wallpapers, colorful flooring tiles and remarkable statues are ruling the world of restaurant interiors nowaday in 2018.

Restaurant Interior Instagrammable design

Moreover, one can watch also a rising trend of vintage interior accessories such as furniture or old bikes placed deliberately in the space. Objects like these are gaining more and more relevance in this context. Thanks to their unusual looks, they have the power to attract more shares, likes and comments on social media.

One could consider these details as details but in fact, they really matter as they act like an attention magnet. And in this fast-paced marketing game, there is nothing more important than attention. Plus, it is a clear win for the visitors too. As a result, an average guest gets a stronger experience to remember and to share a lot more content than “just” food he or she ordered.

industrial Restaurant Interior trends 2018

Retro flair in urban jungles

Apart from retro patterns and vintage decorations making a huge comeback this year, pastel shades such as mint, rose, turquiose and stone grey are dominating the interior trends in restaurant design of 2018.

One has to prepare himself also for a visual comeback to nature, as restaurant owners love to employ in their spaces a lot of wood and greenery in order to create a calming and garden-like environment. These natural materials are perfectly complemented by soft metallic accents such as copper, brass, chrome and gold.

Hygge atmosphere through restaurant lighting

Lighting is another huge part in creating a customer experience worth sharing. It also contributes to making people look and feel good. One of the biggest targets nowadays is the goal of achieving the so called “hygge“ atmosphere. And this is not about creating a premium interior design. This philosophy is originating in Danish culture and decsribes a home-like feeling of coziness and relaxation.

Supported by the latest innovations in technology, lighting industry provides designers with more flexibility regarding the temperature, intensity and also a broad spectrung of dimming options.

Visual storytelling through art

Last but not least, going after more authenticity and original artworks will always work. Not only when it comes to choosing original vintage furniture or attention-seeking designer lighting. Creating space for artists to present their work raises the cultural value of a given space and attracts even more visitors and hungry eyes. The ultimate result are one-of-a-kind decorations that can´t be replicated and atmosphere that speaks for itself.

interior design trends restaurants 2018