Brokis lighting & Bohemian glass tradition

The premium brand Brokis stands for the combination of exquisite design and quality. While preserving traditions of remarkable Bohemian glass art, this brand pushes the boundaries of contemporary product design to the next level.

This is one of the main reasons why the brand is one of the top choices. Interior design experts all over the world enjoy working with this brand. These lamps are perfect not only for interior styling of commercial spaces, but works well for private households as well. They are characterized by large-format blown glass and simplicity of construction and are backed by world-class customer service.

The Czech lighting brand works mainly with hand blown glass and other refined materials. The most favorite resources such as wood and hand pressed metal are. The Brokis lighting collections feature modern objects. Among these, you can find functional fixtures and decorative lighting objects.


The hidden secrets of Czech glassmakers

The brand has a really broad portfolio of suspension lights, ceiling lamps and floor lighting. Moreover, it presents also impressive wall lights and table lights. When looking at these creations, one can sense the secrets of age old bohemian glass blowing tradition.

Brokis is the dream come true of a successful Czech entrepreneur and engineer Jan Rabell. His ultimate vision was to restore an old Bohemian glass making factory to its fullest prestige. Moreover, he desired to make the unique traditions of Bohemian region endure the 21st century. And he succeeded on this mission. In 2006, he founded this premium brand as a medium to awake Czech glass making business.

The preserved legend of 19th century glass Factory

This way, Jan Rabell made a strong move to protect generations of legendary bohemian glass tradition and craftsmanship. However, the first cornerstones for this move were laid already ten years prior. In year 1997, he was able to acquire the 19th century factory Janštejn Glassworks. This production state works till today. You can find it based in the Czech republic, just 100 km away from Prague.

Czech glass designers innovating the lighting industry

Nowadays, this remarkable glass making company is seen as the ultimate innovator in glass lighting industry and established sales operations in more than 70 countries around the world. World’s top interior and product design exhibitions are always more than proud to showcase the breathtaking designer lighting by Brokis.To the lead Brokis designers belong awardwinning artists with a strong international reputation. One has to mention names like Lucie Koldova, Daniel Yeffet and and Boris Klimek. These talents are always ready to inspire us with new inventions of their creative work.