Design to make you feel good


As early as 1975, the Bremen family business Edzard was standing out with its stylish interior accessories of the highest order and understood to find the perfect connection between elegance, quality and product functionality.

This premium brand has embraced the mission to make your interior design more stylish, livable and timeless. Be it Edzard’s noble silver, precious stainless steel, mouth blown crystal glasses refined with a platinum edge or even luxurious rustic wood, this brand has been paying close attention to the process of material selection.


Silver is a traditional material, fascinating generations with its incomparable shine.


Trend-setting consumers increasingly value the product attributes of stainless steel.


The platinum refined product assortment is only crafted out of noble, mouth blown crystal glass on which platinum is evaporated during a complex process.

Design that combines functionality with joie de vivre

And whenever you take the stunning home decor by Edzard into your hands, you notice that these products usually get their final touch in elaborate craftsmanship.

As this German interior accessories designer invests a lot of time into the portfolio development, a big ratio of focus can be directed towards both product innovation and aesthetics.