Set Your Style Free.


Experiment, dare, innovate. Karman world moves itself with simplicity towards an original and personal decorative use of lighting in both private surroundings and public spaces. Every lamp has something to say, it is a recollection becoming true embodiment and a piece of real life. All designers’ styles blend and coexist happily between tradition and modernity inspired by research and great technical skills to create beauty.

Will to dream by keeping our feet on the ground. Roots in the Italian province and keep the gaze to far horizons. Lateral thinking and concreteness. Shared values like common passion for lighting meant as function and magic. That is like a sheet of paper where you can write down words of love. Karman an Italian company was founded 2005 in Fossombrone in the heart of Marche region and it keeps experiencing new unconventional materials and distributing its collections on a world scale.

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karman bacco table lamps

The magic of story telling

Lighting is a continuous source of inspiration it is that imperceptible element able to dress up surroundings and to look at them from a different perspective.

To the ones who love to tell little stories, to the ones who lives of emotion, to the ones who are able to grab simplicity within full complexity and wish to seize beauty in it all. A look on unpredictability of things, lightness of insight, dream, ability to create and the emotion of being astonished by arousing a smile and curiosity. Every time a different alchemy leads Karman to design new lighting sculptures.

Every time a different story is becoming the leading idea of new projects.

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Karman designers plant ideas and harvest light

Switch on a light and all is visible; switch on a Karman light and magic happens since everything looks different – a slight-of-hand that is closest to alchemy and as far away as is possible from mere chance. Lighting designers at Karman believe that if such a gifted sublimation occurs and in order to tease sensuality from light, a number of factors must exist: inspired minds, skillful hands, resolute bravery and determined guidance. The aesthetic path these attributes lead us along is philosophically rooted in a commitment to turn luminous objects into unexpected creations. To redefine the very idea of beauty attempting to get the best out of sensorial involvement and field of suggestions. As you will see in this unique contemporary lighting collection, the result of this aim glints from every angle to prove that exquisiteness happens when passion and creativity unite.