Constantly striving to enhance and bring innovation to timeless classics, driven by a strong love for beauty.


LEUCOS, founded in 1962 near Venice, prides itself on creating lamps of high quality and beauty, where craftsmanship meets art. Their commitment to excellence is evident in innovative products and efficient production methods, resulting in reliable and timely project development.

Success is rooted in a blend of design, materials, manufacturing techniques, technology, and skilled employees. While LEUCOS handblown glass reflects local tradition, each new project reflects a broader global vision.

Driven by a love for enduring elegance, they are dedicated to pushing boundaries and enhancing our contemporary classics.


You Spot it from Afar.

Aella Openworked Table Lamp Leucos (4)
Aella Openworked Table Lamp Leucos (3)

Exploring the cutting edge of modern lighting design, LEUCOS is a pioneer in the field of decorative glass lighting. Their expertise in blending traditional glass craftsmanship with innovative industrial techniques has established them as a go-to source for top architects and designers worldwide.

LEUCOS, inspire your imagination and push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Their reputation for creating custom, unique solutions sets this italien family company apart, offering a range of standard products that can be fully customized as well as completely bespoke designs. The main goal is to bring value to the clients, partners, and company, through the creation of beautiful, expertly crafted, and long-lasting lighting solutions.

Driven by passion for innovation and simplicity, continually seeking out new materials and techniques to enhance their designs. The focus is on building meaningful connections between customers and products, ensuring that modern classics will stand the test of time. With a commitment to excellence in every product they produce, their dedication to innovation and quality shines through in each and every one of LEUCOS creations.

My childhood memories led me to discover the timeless beauty of LEUCOS. Falling in love with the brand’s history and classic icons sparked a passion in me to modernize its portfolio and bring new life to its timeless classics.


– Abramo Manfrotto

Stacking Floor lamps B C D TR Leucos (2)
STACKING 180 H transparent Leucos (1)
Aella T table Lamp Leucos (7)