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Gardeco stands for contemporary and pared-down art and design objects. It’s the place where new ideas in art meet high-end decoration.

Gardeco, a Belgian-based company founded in September 1999 by Sonja Crevits and Jan Simaey, is a pioneering art publisher that specializes in exquisite, original and handcrafted decorative objects. The brand’s core mission is to bring art and design to a wider audience by partnering with the world’s most prestigious design studios, renowned museums and art galleries. With a commitment to artistic excellence and innovation, Gardeco cares about sustainability and community wellbeing by supporting local initiatives and projects.

Connected to nature

Endlessly drawing inspiration from wealthy Brazilian nature, Regina Medeiros creates mesmerising glass objects such as Folha de Bananeira, Amendoim, Quiabo, Ameba, Aroeira, Purunga, Tucum, Saboneteira orelha… Her most renowned design however is Mapa, which is reminiscent of the North American map. Regina Medeiros is a talented glass artist based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. In 1988, she obtained a degree in Drawing and Plastic Arts at the Faculty of Plastic Arts, São Paulo, and in Artistic Education at São Paulo’s Faculty of Fine Arts.

MAPA, LIRIO & AMEBA Bowls by Regina Medeiros / Keramos Glass Studio

From the traditional to the contemporary, the beauty and fragility of Vidrio, Gardeco’s line of glass objects, add glamour to any room. Showing off their versatility, glass accessories can be applied to any interior design with ease, marrying well with all styles and colour schemes. Gardeco’s glass products are made in small family owned studios in Brazil who understand the importance of a sustainable and ethical production process.

. These products are made by the hands of skilled craftsmen who use small batch production techniques and valuable mica minerals. Glass accessories truly come to life when positioned near a source of natural light, emphasising their beauty and exposing the various colours and textures that form the piece.

RM-AME G BRONZE Ameba G bronze by Regina Medeiros (1)
RM-LIRIORPER Bowl lirio R Perola by Regina Medeiros (2)
RM-LIRIORPER Bowl lirio R Perola by Regina Medeiros (1)

Tales of the Ancient Nordic Mythology

Dagur and Sif are ceramic figurines designed by the Icelandic sculptor Örn Porsteinsson as part of a series inspired by Norse mythology, the Travel Pieces. In ancient Norse tales, Dagur is the personification of the day, a bright and beautiful character who brings daylight to the Earth. Sif is believed to be the goddess of Earth and to be married to the god of thunder Thor.Their rounded biomorphic shapes and colours are reminiscent of the spectacular Icelandic landscape, making it charming and aesthetically pleasing statement pieces. The figurines are handmade in the ceramics studio Cores da Terra in Brazil and is available in five natural colours: café, musgo, marsala, white and graphite. Slight differences in size and colour may occur as a natural result of the artisanal manufacturing method.


We believe that the surface of an object is not just a decorative element, but an integral part of the overall design. By carefully crafting each surface, we create a seamless fusion of form and function. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind design experience, where the object becomes an event in itself. GUAXS products are not just functional items, but living, breathing expressions of art and craftsmanship.

Design evoking emotions

At the heart of design philosophy is the idea of creating products that not only visually appeal but also evoke a sense of emotional connection. Drawing inspiration from both – nature and culture, combining these influences with preservation of traditional manual skills to craft unique, organic objects.

GUAXS design process begins with a spark of creativity, seeking out new forms that blend the boundaries between nature, culture, and personal experience. From this initial idea, through various stages, from visual concept to physical prototype, refining the creation until it reaches its final form. Throughout this process, artisans play a crucial role in shaping the natural material to bring out its unique characteristics.

LANTERN-Namsam lantern Guaxs
MATHURA TALL butter brown vase 1735bubb GUAXS