brand deeply rooted in contemporary desires


Since 1969, the bond between traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetic solutions characterizes Varaschin, a venetian company leader in the outdoor market. The weave, once of rattan and wicker now of synthetic materials more suitable for the outdoors, has always been the soul of Varaschin production, a unique stylistic feature and synonym of quality.


Ergonomics is a science that we’re able to dress up with style.



EMMA CHAIR Varaschin 23604 (2)
TIBIDABO TABLE Varaschin 124T (3)

VARASCHIN perfectly combines form and function while maintaining comfort at the center of the design.

Comfort is at the core of all actions and thinking. Taking it to the highest levels, guaranteeing to those who choose Varaschin not only harmony in design but also authentic comfort and a predisposition to feeling at ease also through the choice of materials and colors. Iconic features of collections has always been hand weaving, able to guarantee great durability without sacrificing lightness.

Varaschin´s over 50 years of expertise and design devoted to the quality of outdoor relaxation.



BELT DAYBED Varaschin 221DA (7)
SUMMERSET FOOTREST Varaschin 2428 (4)
EMMA BERGERE Varaschin 23657 (2)