The sense of harmony and comfort.




VERTI is a vibrant and innovative brand that has grown out of a deep passion for italian region, wood, and its rich history. Born in the heart of Italy’s chair-making district, Manzano, they embody the tradition and expertise of the area. For this Brand, wood and furniture represent the embodiment of culture, history, and passion.

The love for Italian tradition and desire to spread “Made in Italy” globally inspired VERTI to create seating and table solutions that showcase essence at its best. As a family-run business, they prioritize absolute product quality, attention to detail, continuous material research, and customer satisfaction. The use of solid wood adds value to all products, which are carefully selected to highlight the beauty of the wood’s natural veins and knots.



The skilled hands of artisans combine with innovative design ideas to produce high-quality products with exceptional craftsmanship. Through their products, VERTI conveys the culture of craftsmanship, a sense of harmony and comfort, Italian woodworking traditions, and European design inspiration.

The production process is organized vertically, encompassing all stages from carpentry to painting, upholstery, and packaging. This allows to offer flexible solutions tailored to the contract market. Partnering with international studios and designers to furnish luxurious locations worldwide. Their products are perfect solutions for high-end hotels, offices, and restaurants seeking exceptional quality.

Our spirit of getting things done, our sense of harmony and comfort, the Italian tradition of wood and inspiration from the best European design.
Important values that take concrete, comfortable and durable forms. Construction details that lend a special character to each piece. Carefully chosen leather and fabrics that ensure lasting quality and add tactile and visual sensations to the warmth of solid wood.