ARNOLD Lantern by Edzard

Explore the stylish ARNOLD Lantern by german family-run designer brand Edzard.Surround yourself with luxury furniture, accessories and lighting by Edzard and reinvent your interior with timeless elegance.

ROMANTIC MOOD: A cosy evening on the terrace or balcony, the sun sinks on the horizon: Just the right moment to make the ambience even more atmospheric with a lighted lantern. The flickering candle light in combination with the wind light provides enchanting light effects and a great look. Can also be used as a stylish accessory in the home.
WINDPROOF CANDLE SHINE: Candles are very popular when used during barbecues in the garden, social meetups or on the terrace. To protect the flame from wind effectively, a lantern is used.

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Dimensions 24 × 24 × 62 cm

Product Model

ARNOLD Lantern Edzard

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stainless steel


L24 x W24 x H62 cm



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