Cubistic Painting Soulbird by Sona Kocisova

Love is the universal language. ”The Soulbird” is an acrylics painting on linen 100x100cm, talking about the impact of love and how we can find a common ground in our differences. All it takes is a bit of empathy. This cubistic painting was exposed during the Summer Artexpo 2021 in Vienna’s 1st district Gallery Lindengrun. This painting is an original fine art strictly limited to 1 exemplar.

About the artist – Sona Kocisova

Sona Kocisova, MSc. born 1990 in Slovakia, studied Strategic Management and graduated (2014) at WU: Vienna University of Economics and Business. Nowadays, she is living in Vienna, Austria and working in the interior design field.

Driven by her curious spirit and love for creativity, her work draws inspiration from exploration of various cultures and the constant interplay between dreams and reality. Sona has been painting since her early childhood and expressing through her modern cubistic art and bold color choices the attitude of figures and atmosphere of stories behind.

Color is for me the power that makes the unwritten story alive.

Additional information

Dimensions 100 × 100 × 2 cm