DOS à DOS Louvre by LaCividina

Explore the stylish DOS à DOS Louvre by exclusive designer brand Lacividina.Innovate your space with designer furniture elements by italian producer Lacividina.
Dos à Dos was designed in 1967 for the Louvre Museum, where its curves had the discreet but essential role of accommodating visitors as they admired the spellbinding antiquities and works by great European masters. It has been faithfully reproduced by LaCividina and it is still just as perfect today. It can be used in many ways, including as an eye-catching sculpture/seat.

Additional information


Designed by

Pierre Paulin

Product Model


Product Function



W.140 D.60 H.71 cm

Legs finish

polished chrome


uniform-aloe, uniform-ash, uniform-autumn, uniform-blueberry, uniform-cactus, uniform-chalk, uniform-copper, uniform-coral, uniform-cyan, uniform-hydro, uniform-ice, uniform-jeans, uniform-oase, uniform-rumba, uniform-sea, uniform-shell, uniform-sunset, uniform-violet