Enclose by Vera Borghgraef GARDECO

Enjoy handcrafted art pieces by belgian designer brand Gardeco. Belgian artist Vera Borghgraef studied Interior Architecture at St-Lucas, Brussels. She continued her studies at the Royal College of Art in London where she graduated with a Master of Arts in Interior & Architecture. She owns a studio for interior design and realises projects on a very different scale. Vera’s passion originates in the interaction of disciplines in art and techniques.

GARDECO – Take part in our art

Gardeco could be considered an art publisher or editor that represents artists and craftsmen. It’s where new ideas in art meet high-end decoration. Gardeco is a success story that deserves to be in the spotlight as their main objective is making art more accessible to a broader audience. This belgian designer brand introduces people to local and international high-quality art pieces. Not only does GARDECO team vouch for artistic creativity, but also durability and the well-being of people by supporting social projects.

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Weight 101 kg
Dimensions 85 × 88 × 78 cm


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73 / 73 / 73

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