OLIVIA Water jug by Edzard

Explore the stylish OLIVIA Water jug by german family-run designer brand Edzard.Surround yourself with luxury furniture, accessories and lighting by Edzard and reinvent your interior with timeless elegance.

CONVENIENT POURING: You sit on your terrace on a warm summer evening and don’t want to get up all the time to get new drinks out of the house? Then this jug from EDZARD is exactly the right thing for you!
TOP MATERIAL: Platinum refined crystal glasses refine every room. Platinum glass is a sign of exclusivity, as platinum is more expensive than gold. Thus you can offer your guests and yourself a luxury.

Additional information

Dimensions 13 × 11 × 12 cm

Product Model

OLIVIA Water jug Edzard

Product function

Material Info

crystal glass, platinum finish


L13 x W11 x H12 cm



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