OMBRELLA 100 Gold Pendant lamp by MODOLUCE

Bask in pure light with the painted metal Ombrella pendant and ceiling lamp. The exchange of light reflecting and bouncing between the two overlapping surfaces illuminates space indirectly, creating a diffused, cosy light.

MODOLUCE Lighting – We give light a form

MODOLUCE has a beautiful mission: to set every space, be it domestic or collective, in its best light. This italian lighting producer works to explore and shape innovative materials with care and artisanal skill. The ultimate goal is to give life to lighting solutions that are versatile, functional and appealing. Essential, elegant lines that take pleasure in daring to use colours that often herald forthcoming trends. For the team of Modoluce, light is an idea, it is design, from L to S. From lamp to space.

Taking different approaches for different people,creating the right mood in each space, for light the way you like it.

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Product Model

OMBRELLA 100 Gold Pendant lamp

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Lighting Source

1 led module 25 W – 4425 Lm – 3000 K



Main features

Product Finish: Pendant lamp NO DIM; Gold leaf finish
Light source: 2 led module 25 W – 4425 Lm – 3000 K
Dimensions: D.100