ROTONDE by Jacques Vanroose GARDECO

Enjoy handcrafted art pieces by belgian designer brand Gardeco. A common theme in Jacques Vanroose’s artwork is dance, more specifically ballet. The artist meticulously studies the human body in movement in order to create timeless and elegant sculptures. Rotonde portrays a dancer at different stages of a performance. Through his suspended state, he explores gravity and weightlessness as well as various movement possibilities.

Bronze is a precious metal composed traditionally of copper and tin. It has been held in high esteem throughout many eras for its strength and ability to render precise features and various surfaces. Gardeco devotes a long chapter to this material, because it makes sculptures come alive in different ways than any other medium. All of Gardeco’s bronze sculptures are created using the ancient lost wax method. Designs of both upcoming and renowned artists are transformed into timeless and luxurious statement pieces fit for any interior. Most of our bronze sculptures are limited editions and therefore numbered and signed.

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