SINO Table-Magazineholder Black-Brown by AYTM

Explore the stylish SINO Table-Magazineholder Black-Brown by exclusive designer brand AYTM. The beautiful Sino series consists of threedifferent designs that you can combine in manydifferent ways. The table tops come in twodifferent coloured luxurious marble and have twodifferent coloured base frames. This makes themhighly versatile as they can fit in any room andthere are endless combination possibilities. Thetables can stand alone as side or coffee tables,as well as night stands up against the wall.Combine with one or two more – and you have theperfect sofa table, where you can have room formagazines. The materials are timeless and yeticonic and the tables will make sure to turn headswhere ever you place them

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Product Model

SINO Table-Magazineholder Black-Brown AYTM

Color & Dimensions

Black/Brown, L50xW50xH44,3 CM