SLY Sofa DoimoSalotti – Comfortable sofa with a harmonious design and a strong personality. A cozy proposal that offers a high sitting comfort. Its sinuous line is well defined by the flat fell seams and the piping finish. The comfort is ensured by the optimal sitting ergonomic and by the comfort cozy 1SLY01paddings. Available  single  sofa  or modular elements, always completely finished.  Wide range of customized feet, as standard it is equipped with a specific metal feet black nickel finish, as optional wooden feet or metal bar feet black nickel available. For all types of feet there are different finishes.

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801 giallo, 802 cotto, 804 bianco ott, 805 tabacco, 806 verde pino, 807 grigio, 808 antracite, 812 bordeaux, 814 gesso, 815 marroncino, 816 verde pist, 817 tortora, 818 nero, 822 rosso ant, 824 panna, 825 cognac, 826 muschio, 827 perla, 828 blue notte, 832 burgundy, 834 crema, 835 marrone, 836 acciaio, 837 asfalto, 844 pietra, 845 tdi moro, 847 cielo, 855 fango


2 maxi seaters sofa cm 210, 2 seaters sofa cm 190, 3 seaters sofa cm 230, Armchair cm 120