KONNOR Sofa DoimoSalotti – Konnor balances its shape and ergonomic seating perfectly.  A minimal line outlines armrests and carcase, houses the seat and backrest cushions and defines the volumes of the sofa. The deep seating invites one to relax. Uncluttered and elegant, the stylish feet lend an airy look to Konnor, a sober sofa which harks back to the 70s style appreciated in modern homes. Konnor makes space unique, with its almost infinite modularity that puts together soft elements with well-defined, more austere accessories. The elegantly structured armrest highlights the elegant looks of Konnor, which houses soft seat cushions. The sofa becomes a suspended island in the living room, a space to enjoy alone or in the company of others.

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801 giallo, 802 cotto, 804 bianco ott, 805 tabacco, 806 verde pino, 807 grigio, 808 antracite, 812 bordeaux, 814 gesso, 815 marroncino, 816 verde pist, 817 tortora, 818 nero, 822 rosso ant, 824 panna, 825 cognac, 826 muschio, 827 perla, 828 blue notte, 832 burgundy, 834 crema, 835 marrone, 836 acciaio, 837 asfalto, 844 pietra, 845 tdi moro, 847 cielo, 855 fango


2 maxi seaters sofa cm 206, 3 maxi seaters sofa cm 246, Armchair cm 100