Mission & Vision

What drives us
fmdesign interiors elements


FMDESIGN is an architectural studio creating tailored environments since 1994. Our e-commerce platform gives you an opportunity to explore and purchase unique interior elements online. As we run direct partnerships with our product manufacturers, you can enjoy a broad portfolio of interior items custom-made to your very own style, requirements and preferences.
We believe that interiors should be personal & are tired of mainstream products that lack creativity.We love furniture, lighting and accessories with character and see interior design as the ultimate way of self-expression. Just like in fashion, the identity you create through environment you surround yourself with has an immense impact on the way you feel and experience life – day in and day out.
For this reason, we want to present interior design fueled by the power of authenticity –> Designers, producers and artists with a valuable story to share and remarkable products to offer. This is WHY we created FMDESIGN ELEMENTS. Apart from being obsessed with a premium product quality , we don’t compromise on ethical standards either,  All brands on this platform have strong local roots and produce in European Union. We invite you to get inspired by their tradition and unique brand stories.
It’s time to make Your interior remarkable.


WE ARE HERE TO INSPIRE THE WORLD OF AUTHENTIC DESIGN. Always searching for the next and best innovations in the design culture, our main goal is to create a unique platform for architects, interior designers, artists, and all people passionate about the design world. Our long-term vision is to make designs from our manufacturers and artisans available and accessible around the world. We envision a world where we contribute and share the magic of original design icons and honest brands.


We collaborate with renowned designers who possess an innate ability to combine timeless traditions with contemporary visions. This fusion allows us to offer a diverse collection that blends classic aesthetics with cutting-edge trends, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. We consciously choose brands and manufacturers who understand the importance of a sustainable and ethical production process. The products from our portfolio are made by the hands of skilled craftsmen who use small batch production techniques.
Our collaborative efforts result in exceptional craftsmanship, where every product is intricately handcrafted using the finest materials and techniques.


For these reasons we place a big importance on “staying human”, focusing on the skill of craftsmanship and saying a clear NO to mass production. A perfect example can be found in the premium lighting of BROKIS and BOMMA, produced in Bohemian glass-works – preserving tradition and pushing the boundaries of design at the same time. Producing on demand opens countless possibilities for personal touch and smart product customisation. Moreover, avoiding over-production means also avoiding unnecessary pollution of our environment.


For us, nothing is more precious than human connection. Wherever there is an empty space, we try to perceive it as a sign of potential and unexplored beauty. With this idea in mind, we strive to create a community attributing a higher value to the objects and spaces we occupy. A sense of community that empowers us to create better. Live better. Dream better. Believe better. Love better. And to do better work.