Timeless, hand-made wall reliefs in the spirit of minimalism.


LADNINI is created by a duo of Polish architects, Marcin Ładny and Zuzanna Dzięgielewska who focus on interior design and fine art creation. Their work is influenced by architectural experience, giving them a unique perspective on the world around.

Having lived in various European cities, they have witnessed the evolution of interior design trends. This led to the emergence of bas-reliefs, simple yet artistic compositions that adorn interior walls and create a sense of space.

These three-dimensional forms of relief art break away from traditional flat paintings, as their shapes interact with light to create dynamic patterns. Each relief is meticulously handcrafted with plaster, resulting in a unique texture and craftsmanship despite repeating patterns.



Shape Ladnini sculptural wall relief (12)
Shape Ladnini sculptural wall relief (4)



The process of creating a relief begins with the creation of the base. Our bas-reliefs are made of the highest quality hardwood plywood. Then it is a long process of working with the structure. Applying layers of plaster or paint (depending on the selected structure), aerating and grinding the bas-relief.

Each relief is individually created, at the time of ordering. In addition, each bas-relief has a Certificate of Authenticity, containing details of execution, date of creation and signature of the author.

Their elegant  sculptural reliefs offer a minimalist and timeless aesthetic that beautifully enhances interior spaces.

Allow yourself to be captivated by their unique collections..


Collection ORGANICA is a series of bas-reliefs that draw inspiration from the organic forms found in nature. The bas-reliefs evoke natural shapes and textures of rocks, reflecting the diversity and beauty that can be found in the layers of rock and their dynamic shapes.

BOTANICA collection consists of organic compositions inspired by nature. Rounded forms interact with eachother, creating a play of forms, lights and shadows. BOTANICA is a timeless collection that emphasize the space in a minimal way.

Wall relief Botanica II received a title of “MUST HAVE 2023” during a plebiscite organised by Łódź Design Festival.

Tribute to modernism in art and architecture  brings  the GEOMETRY collection. By using a composition of vertical and horizontal lines, is create a grid, that complements round shapes, semicircles and arcs. The first sketches of the Relief were created in Amsterdam, where Marcin designed Portrait – which became the precursor of the collection.

TECTONICA collection features dynamic bas-reliefs with sharp edges, inspired by the movements of tectonic plates. The bas-reliefs depict displacements, collisions, and interactions of the plates, thus creating unique three-dimensional compositions.