Sensitive and emotional manufactures.


ModoLuce is a strong, young, dynamic italian brand with 20 years experience & activity in the lighting & interiors industry. Recognised for its research of natural materials, processes & forms, the company is reknowned for its creative…


Creativity is a matter of perspective No limits.

We think out of the (light) box, overturning aims, analysing the demands of a wide-ranging, international public.

ottovolante suspension modoluce
BAOBAB MATT GOLD Pendant lamps Deluxe Modoluce

From the charm of fabric to the strength of metal, from Murano blown glass to the universe of plastics..

Italian premium lighting brand Modoluce explores the world of materials, processes and forms, with creative freedom and rigour of method. This search path in contemporary time focuses on functionality and lets arise emotions, whilst always creating different and special lighting solutions: at home, at work and in contract spaces, with an exclusively Italian quality.

florinda desnuda suspension lamp
CIRCUS WOOL large pendant lamps 100 120 Modoluce