Unexpected and innovative solutions to the needs of the present and the future.


Lapalma, an Italian furniture manufacturer recognised worldwide, goes beyond just surface aestetic in their designs. Their success is a result of a combination of many small and large things, some very concrete, others more hidden and intangible but no less important to them. Their beliefs and values, have shaped Lapalma into a truly distinctive company.

Read on to learn more about what sets them apart.

Design is made of values

The secret of this family bussiness is the ability to look around to anticipate the desires and needs of evolving lifestyles.

Before becoming the company Lapalma, the main focus was production of transistor capsules for NASA. Looking for innovative ideas, new markets and fresh strategies, company shifted focus on seating and then, ten years later and after achieving many international awards, they evolved their collections into a system of versatile minimalist products, ideal for all environments.

In order to enhance their products and make ongoing improvements, they opted for cutting-edge equipment and tailored it to their expertise. The products they offer represent significant achievements in company’s history, embodying relentless drive to innovate and progress. Lapalma’s success has been largely shaped by these products throughout the years.
LAPALMA italian modern office
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Industry with the spirit of the craftsman.

With four decades of dedication to their craft, personal journey has shaped a unique experience that permeates their daily work. While they have embraced modern technology for accuracy and productivity, they have intentionally preserved the essence of manual craftsmanship at every step.

LAPALMA´s design culture is based on the Italian tradition of “beautiful and well-made”. The pursuit of perfection in the choice of materials, the search for simple solutions to the most complex aspects, the care for every detail, even the most hidden, leads to production of furniture that brings joy to its users.

Because it takes a lot of know-how.. And also a bit of heart.

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Living well makes living (much) better.

As Quality is the first barrier against waste, Lapalma bet on timless design and sustainbility.

With philosophy, to build furniture that lasts, over time and in taste, unconstrained by passing trends, their furniture is tested to withstand the high stresses of the contract world.

We care a lot about what we do. And also how we do it.

Showing great concern for individuals and the environment, over the past four decades, they have consistently aimed towards a positive future outlook, continuously seeking ways to diminish their environmental footprint, supporting social programs that enhance human welfare, and joining forces with like-minded partners who value similar principles.

Making possible to replace individual parts, LAPALMA extend the life cycle of the products. The components of furniture are easily separable, allowing the various components parts to be recycled and therefore recyclable.

Sustainability is a long and complex path they´re following, with choices that affect all aspects of the company, starting with the way they conceive their products.