Mapa carmin topo bronze 30 by Regina Medeiros GARDECO

Enjoy handcrafted art pieces by belgian designer brand Gardeco. What is important to know when it comes to Regina Medeiros is that she is a ceramist by training. Regina started to experiment with glass by employing the colouring techniques that she used when working with ceramics onto her glass art. Nowadays, fusing natural mica minerals and precious metals with oxides and applying them onto glass can be considered her signature manufacturing technique.
All of Regina’s designs are manufactured by hand and coloured with natural minerals, oxides and gold components. Due to the artisanal production method, slight colour changes can occur, constituting the unique charm of handmade products. Regina Medeiros products are strictly for indoor use.

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Regina Medeiros

Product Model

Mapa azul topo bronze 40 RM-MAAZ40


Dimensions in cm

33 / 26 / 12

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Color Model

carmin topo bronze

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