MATHURA S dark indigo by Guaxs

Luxury home décor MATHURA S dark indigo by exclusive designer brand Guaxs.GUAXS reinvents your living and business space with designer home decor produced by talented glass artisans from Germany. GUAXS is a family-based German company that focuses on creating high-quality interior design objects and lighting. The inspiration for this authentic work is derived from the intense engagement with different cultures and the tracing of their shared characteristics from ancient to modern times. In conformity with this operating principle, GUAXS aims for the maintenance of craftsmanship and its local tradition. All of these aspects are implemented into the contemporary design of GUAXS glass objects. At GUAXS, designers and craftsmen produce valuable objects that are created to last.

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 30 cm


Product Model



H 13cm D 12/11cm

Material info

mouthblown glass / handcut surface

Product Function

Accessories, Vases