Pyrite Salt Chandelier 3 by BOMMA

Set your style free with Pyrite Salt Chandelier 3 by contemporary lighting designer from Czech Republic Bomma. The sculptural structures of minerals and their perfectly smooth surfaces are among the most precious treasures from the very core of the Earth, only revealing their optical magic once they encounter a source of light. This BOMMA collection was inspired by pyrite, the golden fire-stone in the shape of a perfect cube, while the silver version of the shade reflects its inspiration in salt crystals. By blowing a molten organic substance into a precise cold form, the skilled hands of our glassmakers create a unique light fixture of elemental, yet perfect shape. The gleaming surface of this hand-blown crystal cube is enclosed from three sides by a polished metal component in either silver or gold tones. The Pyrite Collection excels in both exceptional design and top-quality materials. Easily combined, it invites you to create your own unique lighting constellations.

BOMMA turning unique lighting visions into reality

Bomma has been continually moving traditional Czech glassmaking crafts to a new level since 2012. With centuries of glassmaking tradition in East Bohemia, this unique brand now takes advantage of a rich pool of talent and top-level skills. Instead of simply maintaining these traditions, Bomma sets today’s standards of glassmaking and lighting design. The emphasis on contemporary design, outstanding glass quality and detail brought to BOMMA many awards and worldwide recognition in a surprisingly short time, leading to exceptional positioning in the market, as well as countless interesting projects and collaborations.

Additional information


Product Name

Pyrite Salt Chandelier 3


Lighting type


dimmable with 1-10vdc, 10vpwm, resistance; on-demand triac, dali, for information on dimming with other systems please contact your bomma partner.


Dia 400


11 kg

Material Information

mouth-blown crystal with metal sheet

Glass shade




BOMMA Family


chandelier round canopy

Light source

led g4, max. 1,2 w

Bulb included

3x g4 led, 12 vdc, 1,2w, 120 lm, 2700k, ra80+

Cable length

coaxial cable 2,5 m



Bomma Item Code

95181/10/bld+trf/400/3; 1/80/95300/B/00000/215/A/ANT/2,5