Quinteto SET by Tatiana Queiroz GARDECO

Enjoy handcrafted art pieces by belgian designer brand Gardeco. Tatiana Queiroz is a Brazilian designer based in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. She obtained her degree at the Guignard University of Fine Arts in Minas Gerais and studied jewellery at the prestigious Escola Massana in Barcelona. Eventually, Tatiana founded her own design studio TAAT, where she creates jewellery and design objects. For Gardeco, Queiroz eloquently translates soapstone, a local raw material, into a universal, timeless and contemporary design language. Her pieces combine the rough and the feminine, volume and lightness. She explores the crossroads between object design and sculpture, keeping in mind the purity of form and the balance of lines. (Soapstone is a naturally porous stone that should not to be used with water or any other liquid. The colour of soapstone can vary from a gentle beige to bright blue and silvery grey.)

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soapstone, brass

Color Model

variety in colours

Dimensions in cm

10,5 /37, 18 / 26, 10,5 / 26