Vase 210 fume-ambar by Seguso GARDECO

Enjoy handcrafted art pieces by belgian designer brand Gardeco. The Cá d’Oro glass collection is produced by the Seguso family. The family uses a technique from Murano, an island of Venice, Italy. This glass maker’s method has been in use since ancient times, originating in Egypt and Phoenicia, and is now carried on by the Seguso family. In consequence, all pieces are hand made and the craft work techniques utilized are the same as the antique glass maker’s.

GARDECO – Take part in our art

Gardeco could be considered an art publisher or editor that represents artists and craftsmen. It’s where new ideas in art meet high-end decoration. Gardeco is a success story that deserves to be in the spotlight as their main objective is making art more accessible to a broader audience. This belgian designer brand introduces people to local and international high-quality art pieces. Not only does GARDECO team vouch for artistic creativity, but also durability and the well-being of people by supporting social projects.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 37.2 × 29 × 16 cm





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25 / 8 / 31

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