About the interior styling rules

First Rule: There are no interior styling rules. Forget everything that you have heard before. We will show you a new way how to reinvent your living and business space. The single and the most decisive variable here is not so variable as you might think. It is your PERSONALITY.

Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self-expression and, above all, attitude.
– Iris Apfel

interior styling rules

Ambience & Style Guide for your interior

When setting up your own rules of interior styling, you have to consider how important and influential interior environments have become. As a matter of fact, one does spend most of the lifetime nowadays in various types of interiors, surrounded by environments of our daily business or residential spaces. Apart from the atmosphere shaped by other human beings residing in this area, a crucial factor affecting the overall daily life experience still remains the type of chosen interior design and styling.

While the art of interior design relies heavily on technical prerequisites and determines both usability and function of a given space, interior styling enables much more flexibility in its core as it refers mainly to the “soft” elements that are much easier to adapt and experiment with.

Discovering your interior style is a long-term process

This factor is immensely important to consider when speaking about the principles of a proper interior styling. The first and the most fundamental one says that that the styling of your interior space knows no existing rules. Therefore, feel free to forget everything you have heard or read before.

The same goes to rules of a proper color selection, decoration placement or another popular theories such as feng shui. The single and the most decisive variable is not so variable at all. It is your PERSONALITY. Just like the fashion can change with season, your style remains the same for a longer time period as it reflects your own attitude and freedom of daily choices. Try to keep this in mind when creating your own interior environment and you have zero chance to go wrong.

Below we have listed some recommendations and ideas we have collected during more than two decades of crafting tailored interior environments. Plus, also some questions to be answered when doing the important decision-making in your own home or business. Feel free to let us know which of our hints you find useful and what defines your favorite interior style.

The “Do”s…

Know yourself and the type of environment you can thrive in – and yes, we said thrive and not just survive

Know which kind of atmosphere you are trying to create – is it a calming or a stimulating one?

Walk with open eyes and collect inspirations everywhere you go – not just on social media (sorry Pinterest)

Try to analyze your own taste and write down what you like and WHY

Create your own color scheme that will make your interior remarkable and authentic

Add accents on the right places and fine-tune with decorative elements that provoke positive thoughts in your mind

…and The “Don’t”s.

Don’t look for any fixed set of rules – it is a recipe for frustration and boredom in the long term

Don’t expect to find your own style somewhere outside – express your personal attitude to life and if necessary for your own well being, feel free to REINVENT yourself in the process

Don’t be afraid of creating contrasts, out-of-the-box compositions and decorating in an unconventional way

Don’t hesitate to ask for help and feedback. However, don’ t take advice from any so-called experts who are leaving YOU and your lifestyle out of the equation

Don’t rush – the time will show what makes you feel good anyway