Milano Bedding® was established in 1996 by Kover, with three decades of experience in manufacturing sofa beds, beds, and mattresses, this company revolutionizing the way you think about seating and sleeping. MILANO BEDDING is one of the leading manufacturers of sofabeds, beds and mattresses in Europe, while 100% percent of its production takes place directly in its local factories in Italy. The brand cooperates with a broad designer network and since its establishment, develops unique furniture objects that unite premium design, high comfort standards and user-friendly technologies. The main purpose of their business activity is to create the same level of convenience, style and quality in the market of sofabeds as in that of beds and sofas. The functionality of their products is supported by the adoption of advanced Lampolet mechanisms and innovative solutions for opening and closing.  As the next bonus, many models also provide you with the inner storage space for your blankets and cushions which makes the usage of these products extremely convenient and time-saving.

The production of Milano Bedding® takes place in its own factory and is rigorously 100% made in Italy.


Milano Bedding® focuses on innovation and improving the functionality of its products through advanced mechanisms. Most of their products do not require removing cushions or backrests when converting into a bed, and some models even come with storage space for a ready bed setup. The brand ensures a high-quality sleeping experience by constantly researching and offering a variety of mattresses, including rigid, soft, spring, and polyurethane options. These mattresses prioritize comfort without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of the furniture.

The company ensures a restful sleep experience by conducting ongoing research on their range of mattresses, which come in varying thicknesses and incorporate the latest technologies. Customers can choose from a selection of high-quality options such as firm or soft mattresses with spring, polyurethane, or other materials, all designed to provide optimum comfort for sitting and sleeping without sacrificing style and design.